Working with Graphs

A common visualization of data from sensors is the timeline graph (or plot) where the horizontal axis represents time and the vertical axis represents the value measured by the sensor. Drawing lines between the data points in the order received from the sensor yields the typical graph lines.


Use pinch gestures to zoom and pan the vertical axis of a graph.

Visible Time Window

Graphs in the Logger app are constantly growing with live data received from sensors. To keep the graphs readable they only display data points within a selected time window. In live mode, the right end of the graph always displays the most recent data point.

Touch the graph once to display controls, then use the control at the bottom of the graph to select the size of the displayed time window. Smaller values result in a faster running graph.

Scroll Back in Time

To see data that has already left the visible time window just scroll the graph back to the desired position. The graph pauses in the position you stop scrolling.

The time that represents the right end of the graph is displayed in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Other visualizers are synchronized to also display data of that time.

To continue displaying live data tap the “play” button in the toolbar.

Peek Actual Values

To see the actual values of data points in the graph just long-press on the graph and slide the finger to the position of interest. A marker displays the actual value of each channel in the graph at the finger position.