QuantiForce Brass PRO SLIM

QuantiForce Brass PRO SLIM

  1. Put the mouthpiece into the adapter

  2. Put the sensor onto the leadpipe

    Let the leadpipe’s end protrude slightly.

  3. Fix the sensor to the leadpipe

  4. Put the mouthpiece into the leadpipe

    Push the mouthpiece completely into the leadpipe, as usual.

  5. Fix the mouthpiece adapter in its final position

  6. Rotate the adapter to pull out the mouthpiece slightly

    Hold the forceplate while rotating the mouthpiece and adapter. Rotate counter-clockwise until you feel the mouthpiece is just loosened from the leadpipe.

  7. Check that the force display correctly reacts when pushing the mouthpiece

  8. Secure the mouthpiece with the rubber band