UniLogger by Bonsai Systems®

Universal Data Loggers and Cloud for Industrial Applications

Easy to Use

Start any data logger and download the data with one tap in the Bonsai app. Visualize the data immediately, share with your customers or upload to our Bonsai Secure Cloud for shared access among different stakeholders. Our servers are located in Switzerland!

Variety of Sensors

Our modular loggers measure temperature, humidity, thermal transmittance (U-value), 3d motion/orientation, atmospheric pressure, force, location (GPS) and proximity. Other modalities are available on demand.

Advanced Algorithms

Our expertise in signal processing and machine learning allows us to deploy algorithms directly in the sensor loggers for on-board detection of events, from simple threshold crossings to falls or complex signal patterns.


Every customer has unique needs. We tailor our modular hardware, software and services quickly and cost-efficiently to fulfil individual customer requirements while still granting high scalability. Special services, like pushing data to external systems (e.g. SAP) or performing automatic data analyses are available upon request.

Secure Data

All data is securely signed by the sensor hardware and cannot be tampered with afterwards. If desired, access to the sensor’s data can be restricted by strong authentication.

Intuitive Visualizations

Key to a good understanding of large and complex data sets is an intuitive visualization. Take advantage of our expertise in handling multi-modal data sets and benefit from easily understandable data representations — in mobile apps and on the web.

Flexible and Transparent Pricing Schemes

Choose between a pay-per-use scheme or a flat-rate "no worries" subscription. With the flat-rate subscription you just pay a monthly fee per sensor and you get the hardware, relevant services and a life-time warranty on the hardware.

For inquiries and quotes please contact us at info@bonsai-systems.com.