Quick Start Guide

  1. Download the Logger App

    QR Scan the QR Code or go to the App Store to download the Logger app onto your iOS device.

    Before using the sensor the first time, charge it for at least 8 hours with the micro-usb power adapter provided.
  2. Enable Bluetooth

    Make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your iOS device.

  3. Select the Sensor

    Start the app. A list appears with all the sensors that are in reach. Select the QuantiForce Brass row that matches the name printed on your sensor.

  4. Select Visualization Options

    The app displays a list of options for displaying and recording sensor data. Select at least one of the visualization options. You can also choose if a video of the screen should be included in the recording and if the force should be displayed in newtons (N) or kilograms (kg). Then tap on “Ok”.

  5. See Live Sensor Data

    The Logger app connects to the sensor node (lasts a few seconds) and then displays the live sensor data as you configured in step 4.

To connect to a different sensor or to change the display tap on the “Bonsai” button at the bottom of the screen.

See also: Basic usage of the Logger app