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A Spin-off Company of ETH Zurich


The Bonsai sensing platform:
Ultra low power sensor nodes with app and cloud backend.

Thanks to the modular design we are able to quickly adapt the sensor hardware and software to application needs: from simple micro-location beacons using iBeacon technology up to versatile motion- and environmental sensing nodes. Bluetooth (BLE) provides a low energy data link to mobile devices, and the mobile devices may synchronize with our application in the cloud.

Our Logger app for iOS is a versatile tool for displaying and recording live data from internal sensors and our Bluetooth-enabled sensors. It is available as a free download:

iBeacon technology creates a small area of detection where customized notifications can be sent to iBeacon-enabled apps on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 technology.


Music technology:
Smart musical instruments.

We developed multiple wearable and pervasive sensor technologies for motion, gesture, and force measurement for musical instruments. The systems can be integrated into every-day performing and exercising scenarios to augment traditional musical instruments and to support practicing and teaching. Further application fields are musician’s health and research.

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In the media:

Motion capturing:
Capture full-body motion data wherever you are. Completely wireless.

Full-body 3d motion capturing with 15 sensors and without any cables! Easily control the sensors from your smartphone and share your 3d recording together with the action video.

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Impact Research:
Enabling new levels of impact research with real-life data.

Gather real-life data from the field at scale with various sensing modalities available. Easily configure and start the data logging nodes wirelessly using our app and collect recorded data (to the cloud) with as many mobile devices as desired. Get unified access to all your data.

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Data Logging:
Universal Data Loggers and Cloud for Industrial Applications

Leveraging digital technologies brings countless advantages to today’s industry. Key to success are trustful data sources and meaningful sensing modalities. Our flexible Bonsai sensing platform provides exactly that, and even more! It is an ideal match for many requirements and opens doors for entirely new applications.

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Wearable analytics and training.

Many medical diagnoses and treatments benefit from motion- and posture capturing. In contrast to most existing capturing systems we provide a wearable, miniaturized sensor system combined with a monitoring app to support training and supervision of the patient.

Which products do your customers really want?

Our instore micro-location technology helps you to identify not just that but a lot more: Ad hoc promotion of selected sales items, exact management of discount promotion, target group specific delivery of advertisement directly at the shop shelf, customer specific shop tour on the basis of your customers personal shopping list, to name just a few.