Basic Usage


Connect the provided charger to the sensor. After a few seconds, an orange light will light up on the sensor indicating that the battery is being charged. When charging the sensor for the first time, it could take several minutes before it starts charging. On the first charge, please do not disconnect the charger until the sensor is fully charged. When this is the case, a green light will blink.


From time to time it is necessary to calibrate the sensor, especially if it does not display 0 N (or 0 kg) without force applied.

To calibrate the sensor hold the trumpet in horizontal position without touching the mouthpiece, then touch the circular gauge display until the Calibrate button appears in the lower left corner. Then touch the Calibrate button to set the force display to zero.

Recording and Playback

  1. Start recording

    Tap on the recording button in the toolbar (red circle) to start recording.

  2. Stop recording

    Tap on the stop button in the toolbar (red square) to stop recording.

  3. Display list of recordings

    Tap on the folder icon in the toolbar to display the list of recordings.

  4. Review the recorded video

    Tap on one of the recordings to display the list of files, then tap on the “Screencast” file to display the video.

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